Amazing 3D LIPO results on our Beauty Therapists

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Amazing 3D LIPO results on our Beauty Therapists

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These are real results on our team members, after only a couple of treatments, normally a course of 8 is recommended, so if results are this good after only 2 treatments we cant wait until the course of treatment is finished.

Each team member has had a different combination of treatments, according to their particular needs.

Cavitation for fat busting , tripolar radio frequency with fat melting for skin tightening, shock wave therapy to accelerate treatment results and for cellulite, Hifu for deep stubborn pockets of fat, and fat freezing to kill off fat cells.








































A TEAM MEMBERS HUSBAND after only 1 cavitation and shock wave treatment

this therapist recently had a baby and has had 2 cavitation treatments to bust the fat combined with shockwave therapy to accelerate results and treat cellulite.