Accent™ Radio-Frequency Cellulite Treatment


What is cellulite?

The body's muscles are wrapped in a padding of fatty connective tissue. The fatty cells of the padding, bathed in a liquid medium, are held in place by a network of fibres, nourished and cleansed by body fluids. When this process is slowed down the tissue is flooded with waste materials that thicken into gelatine-like substances, forming pockets which migrate closer to the skin's surface. While cellulite tends to appear in parts of the body where excess fat is deposited, it is widespread among both thin and overweight women. Accent™ radio-frequency therapy is able to change the shape of fat cells and shrink and remodel the connective tissue that forms this unsightly condition. This technology presents a non-invasive, effective and long lasting way to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

How does the treatment work?

Stimulating enhanced blood circulation, the procedure helps drain fatty deposits and toxins. Its thermal activity serves to shrink fat cells and it is this heating action that causes the deep structures under the skin to tighten and the results are visible shortly after treatment. It is frequently performed specifically on the backs and fronts of the thigh area, but can also be used on the abdomen, to give a flatter and smoother profile, to slim the hips and to treat both the outer and inner arms.

What happens during treatment?

Following a throrough consultation, the target area will be assessed by the practitioner. The treatment is warm, but tolerated well. Each treatment lasts approximately 30 - 45 minutes, depending on the size of the area to be treated.

What results can I expect?

Clients often see results after the first treatment. We would expect to see an improvement in the texture and tone of the skin and an improvement and increased heat in the area that has been treated.

How much does it cost?

Please contact us to find out more about pricing.

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