Manicures & Pedicures

GELeration from Jessica - paints like a polish but with the lasting power of a gel. Hardwearing polish that will look perfect for 2 weeks.

Using Jessica products
Luxury manicure plus gel application 48
Luxury pedicure plus gel application 52
File and polish hands or feet 25
Refresh 25
Removal 14
Using Jessica standard custom colours
File and paint hands or feet 15
Express manicure or pedicure - file, cuticle tidy, polish 22
File and polish hands or feet 25
Luxury Manicure
File, cuticle work, massage, moisturise, heated mittens, polish
Luxury Pedicure
File, cuticle work, exfoliation, hard skin removal, massage, moisturise, polish

Please remember to bring open toe shoes or sandals for pedicures.

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