Counselling & Pyschotherapy

What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy provides the opportunity for you to talk about your difficulties with an experienced professional knowing that you will not be judged. Every individual has a unique view of their world and a psychotherapist will work alongside you to explore the issues that trouble you and to understand the meaning of your problem. Many of the difficulties that we face in our personal communications and social interactions arise from the way we make sense of our world and those around us.

Psychotherapy needs to be creative and imaginative in exploring the choices that you face, supporting you to experiment with novel ways of behaving in your daily life, thus developing a different perspective on the problem and a greater sense of choice and potential.

How can a Psychotherapist help you?

If you experience stress, anxiety or low mood associated with difficulties in relating to or communicating with other people a psychotherapist may be able to help you. Your problem may be long-standing or one resulting from a recent trauma, bereavement, loss of role or illness. These troubling experiences frequently affect close relationships, self-esteem and confidence in work and social situations. You may not be sure why you feel unsettled or distressed so making time to explore the difficulties with someone who is trained and experienced may help you to better understand your situation.

Our therapist

Adele Pile - Postgraduate Diploma in Personal Construct Psychotherapy; Psychotherapist registered with the UK Council for Psychotherapy; Speech and Language Therapist registered with the Health and Care Professions Council

Adele's qualification as a psychotherapist has enhanced her many years of experience as a speech and language therapist working in the NHS with individuals, families and young people.

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